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Mansion Karanikola Amphipolis Serres Greece

The guesthouse is located in the Mansion Karanikola Amphipolis, Serres.
In the area of Laurel Serres 25 mm. From Amphipolis with ancient historical ruins is the diatiriteos guesthouse KARANIKOLA the mansion. It is a beautiful guesthouse neodiatiriteos very carefully with all the comforts of a modern hospice. All linen - linen hostel is the company COCO - MAT because we want the customer to provide the best. The warm traditional hospitality, you will leave the best impression.

The rooms have magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and is a good base trip in the beautiful area of Laurel Serres - Amphipolis. Winter, spring, summer or fall, whichever season you choose has the grace to be always open and waiting for you.

Nearby excursions in the surrounding area are the Tower of Maro - ancient Amphipolis and Serres

History Area
Daphne is Visaltia village with 466 inhabitants. The old name was Ezova.
The presence of Daphne testified many manuscripts of various monasteries of Mount Athos, which refers to the bishop Ezevon (so called village during the Byzantine period, and the period of Ottoman rule, and even in the plural because there Eziova upper and lower).
In the village there is the remnant of a tower, known as the "Tower of Maro." The tower was the 15th century home of the notorious Mama Maro.

Maro or Mara Brankovic, or or Valide Sultana Khanum was Ellinoservida, daughter of Serbian Despot George Brankovic and Irene daughter of Matthew Kantakouzenos from Pontus. Born in 1418, which was one of the most important figures of the 15th century. Given as a woman in Murad II in 1435, at age 17. Inspired great respect in the courtyard of the Sultan and played an important role in the religious affairs of the time (since maintained the Christian faith) but also political.
For some reason that other researchers attribute into disfavor because of its involvement in the enthronement of the patriarchs of the time and others to desire to retire from active duty in the yard, leaving Istanbul and withdrawn in southern Visaltia in 1457, where it remains until her death in 1487. There the Sultan (Mohammed) had granted a large area with farms and villages.
House of Branković linked by the old monasteries of Mount Athos' and especially the Chelandar and the Monastery of St. Paul, as the two Temples that time consisted of Serbian monks. This tradition continues with Maro concession for Single, 1466, land and movable property.
The lady Maro was that after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, he gathered the gifts of Jesus (myrrh, frankincense, gold), to protect them and carried them to St. Paul's Monastery, Mount Athos, where kept up to date. Also rescued other religious relics, most of which appeared on Mount Athos.
Construction, Architectural, Fortification Details
The Tower of Maro was three storeys shown by archaeological evidence that it was used as a residence. It follows the typology of Towers of Athonite dependencies. Next to the current Tower of Maro Monastery Stavronikita plots maintained as the mid 1930s, a testament to the connection of the region with `Mount Athos.
The tower was destroyed before 1753 passed and newer adventures. Residents of the village tried to squeeze stones for construction needs in the decade of 1940. The tower was leased to individuals by the State as public domain! To protect finally Gazette by the Ministry of Culture in 1957 as a monument.

Amphipolis was an ancient city built in eastern Macedonia, on the river Strymon, box city formerly known as "Nine Streets" or very close to it. Amphipolis was founded by the Athenians in 437 BC to control the mines of Thrace, but passed into the hands of the Spartans during the first phase of the Peloponnesian war.
Now they have discovered important historical finds of great archaeological value worth visiting every traveler.
Also in Serres you can stroll through the wide variety of shops all day.

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